Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome to Food, Fitness, Fashion

When I noticed how many posts on my personal blog were about food, fitness and fashion, I realized that I wanted a place to blog about these topics without making my usual readers roll their eyes. Thus "Food, Fitness, Fashion" was born.

I'll be commenting on fashion trends, focusing on a longterm perspective. Sure, "kitten heels" are back, but where the bleep did they come from in the first place?

And I'll be writing about food, reporting on ways to cook, eat, and even indulge healthily and enjoyably -- without turning yourself into one of those ghastly food vigilantes. (If you think I'm turning into one, please comment immediately and send truffles.)

Finally, I'll be writing about fitness -- a topic on which I'm afraid I am a bit of a vigilante. You may be able to guess, by checking out the blog's fitness links (at right), what kind of vigilante.

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