Monday, November 19, 2007

Great blog: Male Pattern Fitness

I just came across the blog Male Pattern Fitness by Men's Fitness writer Lou Schuler, and I'm impressed. (As well as envious — I'd love to work full time on a health and fitness blog.)

Schuler is doing a bang-up job of covering and commenting on a wide range of health and fitness news. I liked today's post, quoting Rocky Mountain News columnist Paul Campos, writing about amateur athletes and pro role models. Campos observes: "Shaq generally isn't available for a pickup basketball game, but anybody can go to the local high school track and try to run 400 meters in 71 seconds."

Oh, and don't let the title put you off. There's plenty of information on women's fitness in the blog, plus hilarious ramblings like this one debunking a study about the impact of your initials on your life choices.

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