Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comfort food (and drink)

There's something about being sick that strips your life down to basics: Bathrobe, shearling slippers, bed, and food that doesn't have to be cooked much, if at all.

I drink black tea (Yorkshire Gold) all the time, but when I have a cold it's just Lipton, since I'm going to squeeze half a lemon into every cup anyway!

Clear soup works for me. We have some natural chicken soup base (paste in a jar that you refrigerate, not the powdered stuff) and spicy Thai Kitchen soup (canned). Zorg cooked me scrambled eggs for dinner — perfect.

My comfort-food favorites are extremely dry ginger ale and raspberry sorbet, neither of which we generally keep in stock. And, since I'm only slightly under the weather, I can't justify wheedling for a special trip the grocery store to get those.

What are your favorite comfort foods?

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