Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting fresh

The Fu Man Dumpling House on Greenwood Avenue in Shoreline makes absolutely exquisite food. The fresh-made meat-filled dumplings, served with a fresh garlic-ginger dipping sauce, are legendary. But just about everything else on the menu is exceptional, too. A complex hot-and-sour soup. A won ton soup with a peppery chicken broth base. A complex fried rice done with a light, almost buttery, oil, with fresh peas and some of the tastiest shrimp I've had in a long time. And I didn't go wrong tonight by ordering a little seaweed-in-garlic-sauce side dish, which combined the cold seaweed with cilantro in a slightly sweet dressing.

The distinctive element at Fu Man Dumpling is the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use. Realizing this is making me a bit less grumpy about paying top dollar for organic, heirloom, and local produce for my own cooking. It makes such a difference.

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Mike Richardson said...

Chris and I ate at Fu Man yesterday (Saturday) on your recommendation. The hot-and-sour-soup with pork dumplings were excellent, and we ate as much of the garlic sauce as we could sop up with the yummy leek pancakes.

Although parking prospects may seem slim out front, there is an ample parking lot behind the restaurant, down an alley just south of the building. This was not obvious to me at first glance.

Thanks for the great tip -- we'll be back!!