Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time crunch

I'm in the middle of separating from my husband, attempting to refinance the house, and my writing business has suddenly gone into high gear.

More time spent in negotiations, digging through financial records, and turning out project work on deadline means less time to work out. And, of course, my health isn't the greatest with all this going on.

Because I'm now likely to miss one, or even two, of my three weekly exercise classes, I've started putting in a daily 30-minute power walk during lunch. This means setting my iPhone alarm to 30 minutes, turning on the iPod music (usually bluegrass) and walking 40 long blocks (and a bit more) through the neighborhood. The alarm lets me enjoy the walk without checking the time, and using the iPhone means that I don't miss any phone calls.

What I really like is the way the music automatically resumes as soon as I get off the call.

But I'm missing the yoga. I did yoga in the back yard one day last week, and it was fascinating to see how beautiful the garden looked from strange, upside down positions.