Monday, November 15, 2010

Discovering Mis Papelicos

Many thanks to Advanced Style for tipping me to this inspirational and informative style blog: Mis Papelicos.

It's beautifully illustrated, with both historical photos and the author's own snapshots (I particularly like the ones of her boots). And I was charmed to see in the sidebar a link to my favorite tea: Yorkshire Gold.

Frivolous fashion

There's been a distinct lack of frivolous fashion in the blog recently, but I can do something about that. My trip to Florida included several visits to high-end malls. One mall, Coconut Point, is a combination mall and apartment/condo complex. You live (or vacation) at the mall. What an idea.

I'm back, with a couple of cheap hoodies (from a beach store), a beautiful gray belted sweater and a long denim shirt (from Chico's), and two princess-seamed long-sleeve t-shirts (from Coldwater Creek, my mom's favorite store). I'd wanted to include a link to the sweater, but can't find it on the Chico's website. I tried on their Elizabeth dress, a classic "little black dress" with 3/4 sleeves, but unfortunately I was right between their medium and large sizes.

We also visited the Fossil store, which continues to have the best collection of bags around. They're beautiful, the colors are stylish without being garish, and they're affordable. I suspect that last reason is why you rarely find them on sale. But that standard pricing worked against them because, when I found two bags I liked (Sasha Large Top-Zip), I had no motivation to make a decision on the spot — I can see the same bags at the same price at Macy's or at eBags and figure it out later. Note to Fossil: Use a colored lining, rather than black, on your black bags and you'll have my undying loyalty. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out if your beautiful black Sasha bag is worth it if I'll have to root around in the darkness to find whatever I put inside it.

I've added a new blog to the Food, Fitness, Fashion blogroll: No More Frump. The writer is a fellow fan of Kut from the Kloth jeans.