Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Workout fashion tip

Fashion and fitness in one post:

A few weeks ago in bellydance class I spotted a woman wearing a great top, which turned out to be a sports bra. I bought one, and love it. It not only feels great, it looks great.

So when I saw the same bra — Moving Comfort's Fiona bra — getting raves on the blog I had to mention it. It's for C, D, and DD cups, and it comes in black as well as white. In the black, it looks more like a crop top than a bra!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Survival in the blogosphere

I just checked the links on the the blogroll (at right) and was horrified to see how many quite substantive blogs have gone dark. One was a health blog that tried to make money selling ads; one was a personal blog that a young woman worked on as she lost weight, got fit, got married, and became a regional fashion authority on plus-size clothing and crafts. Two food blogs vanished, and so did the Pike/Pine fashion site.

I miss you all! I think I'm feeling "survivor guilt."

Dreaming of a Goth Christmas?

Will someone on your Christmas list be hanging up an artfully torn black lace stocking this year? If so, you'll need something more than licorice whips to fill it.

You'll want to check out the "Haunted Holidays" sale at Mourning Market, "Seattle's premier dark-themed market" Sunday, Dec. 13, noon to 6 p.m., at Club Motor, 1950 1st Avenue in Seattle.

Vendors include Gargoyles Statuary, Diamond Tattoo, Studs & Spikes, Seattle Sinner, Poodies Pet Palace, and Good Times Printing. The event is described as "all ages" so the only thing in danger of coming away bruised is your wallet.